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Our scope of specialist services:

  • Main Engine Pneumatic Remote Control Systems (all makers).
  • Marine Propulsion Bridge Control Systems.
  • Boiler automation (BMS/ACC) service, repairs (all makers).
  • Control Loops, Valves & Valve Positioners, Temperature and Pressure Controls.
  • IG Systems.
  • Ballast Water Treatment System (SeaCURE).
  • ICCP - CAPAC (all makers).
  • MGPS - CHLOROPAC (all makers).
  • Alarm Monitoring Systems (AMS),indication& protection in E/R, CCR, P/R & Bridge (all makers).
  • Engine & generator controls, (all makers).
  • Tank level gauging systems, (all makers).
  • Automatic Unloading Systems (AUS).
  • Oil Discharge Monitoring & Control Systems ODME, 15ppm, Tamper proof bilge discharge units (MasterTrack 588).
  • Fixed and portable gas detection systems, OMD, (all makers) Graviner, Servomex, Viscometers etc.
  • Viscosity and Density-Solutions for F/O applications
  • Calibration of all types of portable instruments, UTI, MMC, etc. (all makers).
  • Electronic card repair.